We are at the forefront of innovation, providing simple, faster and smarter security uniquely tailored for You.

We have worked with various companies spanning different industries equipping them with the cyber security services needed to drive innovation, growth and promoted quality service.

We have worked with various companies spanning different industries equipping them with the cyber security services needed to drive innovation, growth and promoted quality service.


Our Services

Our security framework is designed to provide our customers with a tailored end-to-end security solution.

Cloud Security

We provide unrivalled visibility and reat-time data and therat protection when accessing cloud service, website and private apps from anywhere on any device. We understand the cloud and delivers data-centric security for our customers

Network Security

Our enterprise network security solution are being deployed by organisations to secure their infrastructure in the cloud, data center or both. Even more, we help organisations detect cyber threats that are hard to detect without impacting network performance.

User Security

We our first line of defene against threats on the internet, our comprehensive use security provides easiest way to:
Protect all users within minutes
Block Malicious destination before a connection sis ever established
Automatically identify attacker infrastructure
Effective Security


EndPoint & Security

We help organisations achieve the following:
Analyze system events to understand what is normal, Prevent attackers from abusing legitimate tools. Automate investigation workflow to respond effectively.


Managed Security Service

We deploy advanced technology and threat intelligence network protection service across networks, endpoints, vulnerability, management, monitoring, and analysis. Our managed security operation service bridges people, process and technology for round the clock support and best possible SLA to threat detection and agile incident response.

Application & Data Security Managed Security Services Cloud Security Network Security User Security Endpoint Security
Our managed services provide round-the-clock application and data protection. Data is a critical asset for organisations which makes it a target for attacks. Data can be stored on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.
We help organizations ensure that they can identify, manage risks and have the processes and internal controls to meet the requirements imposed by governmental bodies, regulators, industry mandates or internal policies. We have a comprehensive set of GRC capabilities, support for a very broad set of compliance initiatives.
The next cyber-threat is near impossible to predict as a result of constantly evolving techniques to bypass defences. Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) has been developed as a new approach to stay ahead of these threats and persistently challenge your organization’s security measures to mimic a real-life threat before cyber criminals pose real threats.
Cybercrime has been on the rise lately. With sophisticated and complex versions of malware coming up, threat detection has become more difficult than ever. Adding to this, the borderless and hybrid environment has further expanded the threat landscape.
The Vulnerability Management Life Cycle is intended to allow organizations to identify computer system security weaknesses; prioritize assets, assess, report, and remediate the weaknesses, and verify that they have been eliminated.
Encryption is the process of converting data from a readable form into an encoded version that can only be decoded by another entity if they have access to a decryption key.
What if you could unify and centralize policies across the enterprise, and reduce IT time invested in menial password-reset tasks by implementing user self-service capabilities? What if you could enable line-of-business managers to make access decisions without IT involvement, and automate provisioning and password management to any system, platform or application? With us, the answer is yes.

Who We Are

We are an innovative and agile cybersecurity company with the goal of safe-guarding businesses with our world-class, industry-leading services and technology solutions. We commit to understanding your business objectives and goals to align a tailored security services and strategy allowing your business to grow without added security risk.

As a committed and trusted partner to the success of your cyber security organizational, we deploy a vast and unique approach to simplifying and providing best-fit solution to solving complex business challenges and this has largely helped most of our clients transform digitally.

Why Choose Platview?

We are driven by a desire to provide top-quality service to our clients, ensuring that we give you access to value-added cyber-security services that would help optimize your company’s growth.

We are “you-centric”, this means that for us, you will always come first.

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