Preparing yourself and your business for future achievements starts with transferring data from your hardware to the cloud. The cloud serves as permanent storage for all important information. The cloud gives you more access to applications, improved data accessibility, easy access to basic information, and easier content management. According to Ludmila Morozova-Bussva, “With Cloud Computing, it is no longer a question of if, but rather when and how”.

After successfully storing your data in the cloud for security, why do we still need extra security in safeguarding our cloud? What Is Cloud security?

Cloud security, which is also known as cloud computing, is dedicated to securing cloud computing services. It’s a collection of security measures specially designed to protect cloud-based data and applications. This ensures data privacy protection, device authentication and data access control. Safeguarding these systems includes efforts of cloud providers, and the users of the cloud.

Why is cloud security so important?

Cloud computing is used by most organizations in different forms. Other than safeguarding the cloud, it serves some other purpose such as:

  • Caution human error that leads to data leaks: About 40 percent of organizations using cloud storage leak data accidentally to the public. This tampers their business integrity and consumer trust and gives their competition an advantage. These leaks aren’t because of spiteful intent; rather, they are due to poor security best practices. One best practice of cloud security is applying access controls on employees by just restricting access to data only to those individuals who need it. This makes it much harder for hackers to invade and prevents errors that lead to data leaks.
  • Enables quick recovery from data loss: One of the principles of business continuity planning is having a good disaster recovery plan in place. Disaster can come at any time, such as fire, flooding, or other natural causes. This could wipe out all your data. Unless you’ve safely secured and protected your data, you have a high potential to be at risk and that’s the last thing your client needs. Cloud security measures such as Data retention (DR) and business continuity (BC) planning involve technical disaster recovery measures in case of data loss. Central to any DR and BC plan are ways of data redundancy like backups.
  • Protection against security violation: The cost of an average security breach for a company is very expensive, and the price increases over time. Data security on the cloud is important because you do not have total control anymore. If, for example, you decide to run your applications on a hybrid cloud, you’re not in control and you’re putting your trust in a third-party. While it is obviously in the provider’s responsibility to provide powerful security for long-term business prospects, you must work harder to also prevent leakages.

Cloud security is very important for businesses that have vital information stored on their cloud. With some vital advantages of cloud such as speed of data transfer, security cannot be ignored, which this post is centered on. As more businesses continue to shift data to the cloud, security will become even more important because that’s the only way hackers can attack a company’s data.

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