In the world today, cyber security is perceived as different things, to different people. We judge situations based on our experiences, or how we feel is best, and this applies to the cyber world. People perceive cyber security according to their experience, or how they feel it works, and in this article, we are going to debunk some of these trendy myths:


  1. “Antivirus and Cyber-Security Software is Good Enough”: People often feel that installing an antivirus software is all you need to keep your device safe, but in reality, some anti-virus softwares are still vulnerable to attacks. The kind of cyber security software you use is very important, and you have to analyze it carefully to know if it’s the best software for your device.  Always go with reliable providers with stronger firewalls.
  2. “Broad and complex passwords can never be hacked”: Passwords can easily be hacked. There are several new softwares hackers use to achieve their aims, and they can easily breach the longest of passwords. You can reduce the chance of getting hacked by practicing the use of temporary passwords, OTPs, and two-factor authentication. Just like Chris Pirillo says, ‘passwords are like underwear. Don’t let people see it, change it very often, and you shouldn’t share it with strangers’.
  3. “Hackers taking my data is unimportant to me”: No matter how little your data is, it is important. Everyone has a social media profile, and this positions you at high risk of being hacked. Hackers’ can easily gain control of your profile, and use it to scam lots of people. It is always advisable to protect your cyber space, irrespective of the data you have online.
  4. “It’s easy to detect phishing attacks”: In recent times, Phishing attacks are becoming more obvious and common in the world today. Some may pretend to withhold your personal and sensitive information via webcam and threaten to release it if you don’t do what they want, while others pretend as services that you are currently subscribed to. Some phishing techniques may be common, but it’s still difficult to detect cyber criminals.
  5. Reputable websites are safe to visit and navigate: Almost all notable websites are safe to navigate. All big websites have cookies to track your internet data. Despite these online safety precautions, these companies that own the websites can possess your data. If these companies get hacked, your data is most likely to be breached. In essence, your data isn’t exactly safe with big websites.



Just like they say, information security should be your top priority. You can never have lots of information about something, because we learn everyday. There are lots of trendy myths about cyber security, but these are most common. It is important to debunk these misconceptions, and guide yourself to a clearer path of understanding cyber security.

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