Using the right security for your devices is very essential. We often feel our devices are safe so long as we guard it physically, or in most cases, use the right passwords, however, there is a lot we do not know in terms of security. In this article, we are going to discuss the several ways we can keep and protect our devices from threats. 


Firstly, it is advisable to keep your devices locked at all times. The worst thing that could happen is your device getting missing or stolen, and if they’re unlocked, valuable data can be taken from it. To prevent this from happening, always have your devices locked at all times by putting a pattern, fingerprint lock, face ID unlock, a pin, or whichever form of security lock that comes with your phone. Also note that these security locks should be changed frequently.

Secondly, make sure your website is secured. When surfing the internet, we come across certain websites to get information. Some of these sites may be unsecured and we do not know. Here is how to detect one:

Unsecured websites often start with, ‘http’ instead of ‘https’. The ‘S’ is a term for secured, and that validates the credibility of the website. Always check the hypertext transfer protocol to determine if it is secured or not. 

Another major reason why https is more secure than http is, for http, data is not encrypted, so it can be intercepted by third parties to gather data passed between the two systems. Whereas on the other hand, https data is encrypted, and can never be breached. 

Thirdly, connect to a secured Wi-Fi. One advantage of having a good mobile device is that you can connect to any wi-fi at any place. In fact, it has become part of our instinct to search for free wi-fi immediately when we catch up with a friend, or visit the nearest restaurant or bookshop. However, connecting to an unsecured wi-fi can be an avenue for cybercriminals to steal data and input malware into our devices. Using public wi-fi can be good, but, we must pay attention to the dangers it may cause your device.

It is important to always make sure the wi-fi is secured.


Fourthly, secure your internet connection. Oftentimes, we forget to put a password on our hotspot, in case someone wants to tap into our wi-fi. Leaving our connection free for any users can be harmful, because a corrupt device can connect to it which would in turn, corrupt your own device. Cybercriminals can also hack your device through it, and that is why you should always secure your personal hotspot with a secured wi-fi.

Lastly, avoid jailbreaking your phone. Jailbreaking or rooting your phone is done when you unlock your phone and remove the security the manufacturers have put in place, so you can gain control. Jailbreaking may be tempting, but it puts you at high risk. Anyone can easily hack a jailbroken phone, so it’s best to stay away from such practices.


Using the safest security practices cannot be emphasized. It is important to remember that your devices are vulnerable, and can be breached anytime, so as a user, always be prepared and equipped with the best security for your devices. 

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