‘As far as the laws of existence are concerned, there is no good or bad, no crime and punishment. It is just that for every action, there is a consequence’ – SADHGURU.

Essentially, each operating system, especially iOS devices, have strong in-built security for extreme protection. An outsider can never hack into your device as long as you have strong security. But what happens when the owner of the phone forgets the password? What happens when the owner becomes greedy? That is where jailbreaking comes in.

Jailbreaking/cracking/rooting means removing software restrictions that are intentionally put in place by the manufacturer of the device. The act opens a door or pathway to install a software outside from what the manufacturer has put in place. Jailbreaking/rooting gives you full access to the operating system and its features. This act is termed ‘jailbreaking’ for iOS devices, and rooting/cracking for all other devices.

Jailbreakers have no other intention than to gain full control of the operating system of a device. It isn’t safe, as it often gives cybercriminals an opportunity to hack your phone, and its information. To ensure that all your confidential informations stay safe on your phone, do not jailbreak, root, or crack it. Your device would slowly lose all security backing and be rendered unsecured.

Can jailbreaking be a good thing? In as much as you have your personal reasons, there are greater concerns to be considered, such as security. Security should be a reason not to jailbreak a phone, because one you do, you tend to lose all the security features in the phone. According to research, an iPhone tends to lose all security features once jailbroken.

Modern smartphone with combination lock padlock. Concept of mobile phone security

Nothing good has ever come out of jailbreaking a phone. Other than breach of security, jailbreaking has lots of negative impact on devices such as:

  1. Shortened battery life
  2. Potential crashes and freezes
  3. Inability to receive and install software updates
  4. Brick phone potential: A brick phone is a stagnant device that does notrespond to input, boot, or make calls.
  5. Malware injection

An advantage to jailbroken phones is that it can be fixed. You can do this by restoring your phone to its original manufacturer settings. The jailbroken apps installed can stay on your device because the procedure deletes everything. Nonetheless, the process of removing the jailbreak will clean out your device and restore it to its ideal state. If you prefer this method, your device must be backed up in the cloud storage.


Inasmuch as people have reasons to justify their crime, something illegal, unusually practiced, is still a crime. To protect the future and life span of your phone, avoid jailbreaking it, rather, adapt to the software and protect your files.

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