With new technology solutions being introduced thick and fast, organizations in the public sector are under pressure to modernize legacy systems, secure data from government partners, and protect against threats from nation-state actors. Maintaining the integrity of sensitive information and the availability of the critical systems and the supply chain is essential to keeping governments and societies functioning as they were intended.

At Platview, we help governmental institutions and their partners reach their desired cyber security maturity state, providing a wide range of services ranging from compliance guidance and assessment, cloud and infrastructure services, security gap assessments, and more.  We do this locally and globally, so not matter what your size, we can help you understand what’s needed to keep your business and supply chain cyber secure.

Our service offering to the government/public sector as listed below:

  • Gap Assessment
  • Vulnerability assessments and management
  • Threat monitoring and response
  • Endpoint security
  • Endpoint protection
  • Security awareness training
  • Breach and attack simulation
  • DDoS Prevention