Financial Services

Financial institutions maintain and process a lake of sensitive data, including but not limited to cardholder information, personally identifiable information (PII), banking information, and more. This alone makes the financial industry a key target for cyber attacks and in retrospect the need for a heightened regulation.

Platview Technologies have both the depth and breadth of technical capability needed to ensure the right level of threat protection, threat response and the confidence to help our customers fulfil and maintain key industry regulations and accreditations.

We offer the following to help organizations mitigate risk against their sensitive data:

  • Assessment and advisory
  • Data Protection (across Databases, Web Applications, etc)
  • Threat monitoring and response
  • DDoS Prevention
  • Security analytics
  • API security/protection
  • Breach and attack simulation
  • Vulnerability assessment and management
  • Brand protection services
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Identity and Access Management