Since the introduction of the internet into the world, it has been faced with problems relating to security. The digital space is gradually evolving, and our daily life and activities are more dependent on technology than ever.

With so much positivity coming from technology, it may be hard to believe the potential threats roaming around every platform and device. Due to this, our data and the internet have to be protected with cyber security. The importance of cyber security cannot be emphasized enough. Just as Art Wittmann says, “As we’ve come to realize, the idea that security starts and ends with the purchase of a prepackaged firewall is simply misguided.”

So what is Cyber Security? Cyber security, also known as computer security, or information technology security, is the act of securing and protecting computer systems and networks from information disclosure, theft, or damage to their hardware, software, or online data, and also destroying and disrupting the services they provide. They defend computers and electronic data from attacks.

Cyber security prevents viruses and other threats from corrupting your data. It’s very important, in terms of securing data and information.

Due to the cost of cyber security, some people develop alternatives to securing relevant data and information, but relevant information is not fully protected. Why do we need cyber security? Why is it so important?

Cyber security protects your computer and other devices from viruses and other malicious attacks. It serves as a watchdog to all data and information stored on the computer.

Cyber security protects your information from being hacked. It is very important to protect your data from hackers with a strong password and regular software updates. Our personal information is frequently shared online, on several platforms including social media, so it’s always important to keep your data safe.

There are so many benefits of cyber security, as they serve different purposes, hence the importance of cyber security in our digital life.

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