So, you have been breached and you feel like your world is crashing down, the next steps to take as  soon as you notice your device may have been infected are as follows:    

The first step is to immediately switch your device to ‘airplane mode’, this will put a temporary stop to  any malicious apps or files from sending and receiving remote requests. The next step is to perform a  thorough investigation to determine the files, applications or documents that may have been affected. 

After identifying the affected programs, delete/wipe them completely from your device. Next, reset all  your passwords and access codes. The last step is to restore all deleted files from your backup and in  case you don’t have one, learn from this and make it a habit to always back up your files and follow the  right breach prevention best practices. 

Tell a friend to tell a friend.  

Cybercriminals leverage two things, ignorance, and nonchalance of a user. Ignorance can be due to lack  of knowledge and unavailability of the right resources to guide you towards the right path to security  awareness. Being nonchalant to incorporating the right safeguards in our day-to-day activities can lead  to irreversible loss of confidential data and funds. As a true cyber hero, it is your duty to inform and  ensure that your community stays abreast of cyber security trends and advancements, as this is  pertinent to having a safe, secure and enjoyable internet space. Constant security awareness and  updates are the key to winning the battle against cybercriminals. It is important to always remember 

that cyberspace continuously evolves and the current threat landscape changes over time which gives room for new ways exploits can be launched.